Wrap It

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Why Do I Need A Wrap

Drive in and around your target market; neighborhoods, retail areas, strip malls, etc. Trade specific events; trade shows, sporting events, concerts, college campuses, etc.

Build brand recognition with everyone who sees your wrapped vehicle(s) and raise your company's profile: Differentiate yourself.

Promote your company all the time; while you drive, sitting in traffic or parked.

You need to wrap your vehicle(s) for the following key reasons:

  1. According to studies, vehicle wraps offer the most bang for your buck as a form of advertising.
  2. Wraps have a one-time cost rather than the monthly cost of things like phone book listings, radio ads, TV ads, and billboards.
  3. Wraps are not stationary. They go where you go, exposing your message to a brand new group of consumers each and every day.
  4. The results are real. Ask your self right now if you can think of a company in your town with wrapped vehicles. We bet you can...

Fad or Trend? Some folks actually think vehicle wraps are a fad. Are you kidding me?! Vehicle wraps are definitely not a fad; they are part of a huge trend that has been going on for many years; and it will continue.

Here's why:
Look back 100 years. It's not like there's been less advertising going on since then. We obviously see more advertising and more types of advertising, and wraps are a new and very effective advertising technique. According to tons of research, vehicle wraps are the most cost effective form of advertising known to man. Don't take anybody's word for it. Just wrap your vehicle and see for yourself what happens. You will be a believer.

Increased sign restrictions only increase the value of vehicle wraps. The more restrictions against on-premise signage, the more attractive it is to use vehicle wraps, which have virtually no regulation.

Wrapping is getting a lot easier. The equipment is better. The materials are better. The tools are better. And vehicle wrap installation methods have drastically improved.

We sure won't be going back to the "good old days". At one time you could only buy a black vehicle. Now you can buy any color under the sun. People don't want less personalization; they want more-. Vehicle wraps fit this trend perfectly.

Wraps protect the original paint on the vehicle. Wraps are removable and changeable. Wraps can be printed with almost any imaginable design. Wraps are as durable and as fade resistant as paint. Wraps are easier to repair than any paint job. There is not a better method on the horizon for putting graphics on a vehicle than vehicle wraps.